Arts Communities

The Arts Network will be working to connect existing arts ministries in local churches and organizations to better serve the city and one another.

Each Arts Community will maintain it’s own focus and goals but by working in cooperation with the Arts Network will benefit from greater connectivity and influence, better communication and sharing as well as greater networking for individual artists to others in the city.

Arts Community leaders are encouraged to form a leadership team who will work together with the network coordinator to create and cultivate new ways in which the Arts Network can grow and have impact on the city.

Arts Communities Goals: it is our desire that all arts groups who are part of the network share and develop these goals

  • Communicate network goals and vision to others
  • Regular Meetings for encouragement, networking, communication
  • Build Gospel Community which will provide a place for discipleship
  • Develop a culture of creativity, openness and hospitality that welcomes and helps build relationships with the unchurched, de-churched, and spiritually interested.