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What is arts entrepreneurship? And why do artists in the church need it?

The field of arts entrepreneurship is exploding right now, as a response to changes in technology and the arts economy in the last twenty years, and particularly in the last five years. We now live in a “do it yourself” world, where artists have many more tools at their disposal with which to advance their careers. At the same time, the traditional economic models for arts careers are drying up and changing. Chicken or egg? It’s hard to say. But the fact is that artists now have to take matters into their own hands if they want their creative work to get seen/heard/experienced, whether or not they’re seeking to earn a full-time living at it.

As artists of faith, we have access to supernatural power for our lives. Yet, at the same time, we live within “the law of gravity.” In nearly 20 years of working with artists in the church, I have yet to see anyone entirely levitate over the challenges and processes that are ingrained in way the arts work “in the world.” And, if our godly calling is to serve and renew those systems, it can only happen if we’re present within those systems.

So, two of the issues we’ll be looking at in the workshop, ““The Path Between: Entrepreneurship for Artists of the Church,” are:

  • The arts economy today, and how artists are responding to it
  • The artist of faith, and how we can serve the world
  • The meaning of entrepreneurship, and how we can embrace it to advance our creative work


I’m looking forward to sharing this information, and this time, with you!

Luann Jennings – Workshop Facilitator, Church & Art Network


Atlanta Arts Network is proud to offer an Artist Workshop on March 15-16.

Workshop Signup and more info can be found here!

[More topic previews to come, watch this space…]


Atlanta Arts Network…

Writing a new song…

We begin a new song, the melody is somewhere in the back of my head and the words seem to be on the edge of my tongue. I’m not sure of a title yet while I’m getting a pretty good sense of where this song is headed. Artists are difficult to understand at times. The painter, the poet, the playwright, the author, the musician… just about any artist struggles to perfect the connection between form and content. I too have struggled with how to bring the music of this ministry to your ears. I believe God has been calling me to focus on three things.

I see God calling me to the focus on Discipleship, Community and the Arts.

These three themes in my ministry life represent what I do, how I do it and with whom we see God drawing us to. Since my first years with WDA, I learned the value and calling of discipleship and the call of Christ for the church to develop mature disciples who are able to multiply themselves into the lives of others. I also have seen how people grow deeper in their understanding of the gospel in the context of community and I have also seen God give me a heart and connection to those in the Arts.

We also see God Calling us to Atlanta. Since 2006 I have seen God grow our love for this city and desire to see God’s Kingdom work grow. As I have gotten to know men in it’s churches and seen God draw people from all nations to Atlanta, as I have seen churches planted and grow and gotten to know some of it’s artists, we began to pray for God to open up an opportunity to serve in this city.

I see God calling me to move to Atlanta with the intention of:

  • discipling and encouraging Worship Leaders &
  • living out an intentional life-style of evangelism with artistically oriented individuals.

This year we hope that as we begin to build relationships, look for opportunities to encourage people in the arts, we will begin to see God develop the Atlanta Arts Network.

Atlanta Arts Network….

  • a ministry which seeks to connect  Arts Communities which are connected to a local church with the purpose of encouraging Christian artists in their faith and art and helping them to broaden the areas where the two intersect.
  • a ministry which will also create an Worship Arts Community for worship leaders/pastors which will provide a place for encouraging, sharing, communicating and discipling future worship arts leaders.

While this ministry is in it’s earliest stages, I have been accepted on Staff with Worldwide Discipleship Association, with whom I served 11 years as a campus minister. WDA serves the church by providing training and materials which helps churches grow mature disciples and leaders for the church.

In developing Arts Communities and Worship Leader Communities I hope that the result will be greater impact and benefit to the city and the building of God’s Kingdom as Believers grow in their faith and create great art and those who do not yet know the love of God in Christ will come to faith as we share the gospel and live out the gospel in our churches, our neighborhoods, our work in the city.

I have partnered with WDA in beginning this ministry through which I am raising funds for personal support and a ministry budget.  Please pray for us as we take first steps toward this new ministry.

Buddy Eades – Atlanta Arts Network Coordinator, Musician, Pastor