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The Plan: vision, strategy, and action

architectWinston Churchill said “He who fails to plan is planning to fail.” Although Churchill was speaking specifically about winning a war (and sometimes having an arts career feels like a war…), it’s a maxim you’ll hear businesspeople quoting a lot when it comes to some important concepts we’ll be talking about in the workshop.

As artists, we often experiment. This is how we explore new ideas, bring something that’s bubbling down below up to the surface, and give ourselves the freedom to improvise, and even fail. Failure can be creatively beneficial. But even artists whose work is based on improvisation, like jazz musicians, have a basic plan they’re working within to guide and contain their experiments. Often something wonderful happens, sometimes it doesn’t. Their audience is consciously choosing that risk when pay their admission – that’s half the fun of it for them. But a jazz trio won’t get hired often if they show up for gigs and start playing something, anything, and hope for the best.

Our arts careers shouldn’t work that way either. Whatever “success” is to us – and hopefully, for a Christian, it’s not exclusively defined as worldly acclaim and wealth – if we don’t have some sort of plan, we will probably fail to achieve it. Instead, we narrow down all of the infinite possible steps we might take to those that move us in a direction we’ve prayerfully and deliberately planned. Then, with God’s help, we get busy.

In the workshop, we’ll be talking about three concepts, which you might have already heard of by different names and nuances. But I’ll be calling them vision, strategy, and action. And we’ll take time for you to start developing a plan of your own for your arts career.

I’m looking forward to working with you on it!


Atlanta Arts Network is excited to host Luann Jennings at our Artist Workshop on March 16.

She is also presenting a free lecture at our Art Talk and Art Show at St Paul’s Church Atlanta at 7:00pm March 15.  To sign up for our Artist Workshop via click and pledge follow this link. The cost is only $25 and included lunch.

“The Path Between: Entrepreneurship for Artists of the Church”

Speaker: Luann Jennings
Saturday, March 16, from 10am-3pm
at St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church 163 Ponce De Leon Avenue Atlanta GA 30308.
The cost is $25 including lunch.

Friday Night Art Talk and Show 7pm. This program open to the public.

Register and pay online
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What is arts entrepreneurship? And why do artists in the church need it?

The field of arts entrepreneurship is exploding right now, as a response to changes in technology and the arts economy in the last twenty years, and particularly in the last five years. We now live in a “do it yourself” world, where artists have many more tools at their disposal with which to advance their careers. At the same time, the traditional economic models for arts careers are drying up and changing. Chicken or egg? It’s hard to say. But the fact is that artists now have to take matters into their own hands if they want their creative work to get seen/heard/experienced, whether or not they’re seeking to earn a full-time living at it.

As artists of faith, we have access to supernatural power for our lives. Yet, at the same time, we live within “the law of gravity.” In nearly 20 years of working with artists in the church, I have yet to see anyone entirely levitate over the challenges and processes that are ingrained in way the arts work “in the world.” And, if our godly calling is to serve and renew those systems, it can only happen if we’re present within those systems.

So, two of the issues we’ll be looking at in the workshop, ““The Path Between: Entrepreneurship for Artists of the Church,” are:

  • The arts economy today, and how artists are responding to it
  • The artist of faith, and how we can serve the world
  • The meaning of entrepreneurship, and how we can embrace it to advance our creative work


I’m looking forward to sharing this information, and this time, with you!

Luann Jennings – Workshop Facilitator, Church & Art Network


Atlanta Arts Network is proud to offer an Artist Workshop on March 15-16.

Workshop Signup and more info can be found here!

[More topic previews to come, watch this space…]