Worship Leaders Coaching

Worship Leaders Coaching and Community

Our goals:

  • Meeting with Worship Leaders
  • Provide encouragement, accountability, resources
  • Prepare/Provide Training for Worship Leaders for Churches/Plants

Why a Community?

Most people who serve in the church come to a place where they need people who have learned some of the same lessons that they have, share in the same wounds or have covered the same shame.  Worship Leaders as artists can struggle with times of spiritual dryness, apathy and burnout while all the time feel the need to fake it!  There is nothing worse than having to lead others in worshipping Christ, when you yourself are at a dry and lonely place.  Worship Leader can also find themselves alone in the midst of busyness.  We hope that the worship leaders community will be a place for laughter, tears, refreshing grace and friendship.

Why Coaching?

Relationships built between generations can give people opportunities to minister to one another. In my world of discipleship we call this Life Coaching.  As relationships between worship leaders grow there is a natural place for communication, encouragement, challenge, and honesty.

These goals are not just for our Atlanta Network.  I encourage you to also connect where ever He places you.