Worship Leaders Community

Worship Leaders Community is a “place for grace.”

Each month we have two meetings.

North Metro Atlanta Group – Meets for Lunch making it possible for those who work to attend.

South Metro Atlanta Group  – Meets the first Saturday of each month at New Hope Church South Campus Located in Peachtree City.

What we Do:

Each Month we meet to provide a place for worship leaders, worship pastors or ministers of music to gather together. If you or someone you know would be interested in meeting for encouragement, prayer, and fellowship please let us know.

Our goals:

  • Monthly Meeting with Worship Leaders
  • Provide encouragement, accountability, resources
  • Prepare/Provide Training for Worship Leaders for Churches/Plants
  • Provide feedback and information for leaders through evaluation of worship and practices.

Why a Community?

Most people who serve in the church come to a place where they need people who have learned some of the same lessons that they have, share in the same wounds or have covered the same shame.  Worship Leaders as artists can struggle with times of spiritual dryness, apathy and burnout while all the time feel the need to fake it!  There is nothing worse than having to lead others in worshipping Christ, when you yourself are at a dry and lonely place.  Worship Leader can also find themselves alone in the midst of busyness.  We hope that the worship leaders community will be a place for laughter, tears, refreshing grace and friendship.

Check out our South Metro Facebook Group – and join us!

North Metro Group Facebook Group 

if you are not on facebook please use our contact us page and we will send an email invitation.